words for humans about computers

In which I occasionally chronicle my path from scientist to software developer

Rails Portfolio Project

This Rails portfolio project borrows the theme from my Sinatra project, but is rebuilt from scratch to have nested resources, more complex relationships, and more features. My Sinatra project was only for CRUDing starships. This project has two models (Crew and Ships) that have a bi-directional has_many_through association via Assignments, which acts as the join table, and can be thought of as one particular crew person’s role on one particular ship. This schema gives us easy access to listing all the crew member’s assigned to a ship, or where are crew member is currently assigned. Sounds so reasonable!

Starship LCARS!

For my Sinatra portfolio project, I made an app for the various ficticious intelligence agencies in the Star Trek universe, based on the database they often use, called LCARS (Library Computer Access/Retrieval System).

push/pop vs. shift/unshift

I love to make tables to help me integrate ideas or objects and how they relate to each other.

Origin story

In middle school, I was so good at what would later be known as googling that I participated in a competitive online scavenger hunt called “Cyber Surfari” (I know…)
You could say I was into computers, and in particular the :sparkles:internet:sparkles:.

On creating my first CLI Gem

You code the way you do anything else in life. So for me, that means spending roughly three times as long agonizing over the thing than actually doing the thing. However, I’m not too sad, as learning to code has brought that factor down (you should have seen me in grad school…)